The energy saving partnership for hotel industry between Four Point by Sheraton Danang and Mitsubishi Electric

The energy saving partnership for hotel industry between Four Point by Sheraton Danang and Mitsubishi Electric

One of the most luxurious accommodation in Da Nang city, Four Points by Sheraton Danang has trusted and selected Mitsubishi Electric's energy saving and monitoring solutions to meet strict international standards of quality, safety, ability and Outstanding energy saving.

Located next to My Khe beach with 36 floors and 390 luxury rooms, Four Points by Sheraton Da Nang is highly appreciated by visitors and professionals not only for its modern design, diverse utilities, and views beautiful but also by the quality of service provided to the highest international standards.

Luxury hotel Four Points by Sheraton Danang deserves the upper class

In order to maintain the comfort of guests and control the operation of the hotel, the stable and safe operation of the electrical system is one of the most issues that Four Points by Sheraton Da Nang pays attention to. Mitsubishi Electric has accompanied this famous 5-star brand to solve the problem 

of constant power supply, reduce power and ensure optimal profits for investors with 3 of the most effective products in the market. : Inverter Inverter - FREQROL, Low voltage power supply system and Power monitoring equipment are completely manufactured in Japan. 

1 / FREQROL frequency converter

With an area of ​​more than 5000m2 and need 24/7 electricity to operate equipment and machinery continuously, Mitsubishi Electric has brought Four Points by Sheraton Danang, the world's leading Inverter System, which is help to save energy,  saving power while ensuring maximum operating efficiency of the engine. Incorporation of Mitsubishi Electric's FREQROL frequency converters into building air-conditioning systems provides a significant reduction in energy consumption by up to 50%.

A 10-year, maintenance-free design saves the costs incurred throughout the product life cycle

Load capacity up to 150%

Technology that automatically adjusts power consumption according to load, works on the basis of the 7th generation IGBT technology

Mitsubishi Electric inverters are environmentally friendly and comply with global standards, providing customer comfort and convenience thanks to the stability of the whole system.

2 / Low voltage power supply system

With 60 years of manufacturing experience at factories in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric has used modern automation and robotics technology to produce high-quality power supply systems, which is apply to the whole 5-star system of Four Points by Sheraton Danang.


Ensuring safety even in the harshest conditions, the error is only 0.1%

Easy to install, ensures constant power supply with high reliability

Each product is tested and certified according to ASTA international standards, KEMA further confirms the safety of the system.

3 / Electrical monitoring equipment

Proud to be a reputable brand in the production and installation of electrical safety solutions for key projects around the world, at Four Points by Sheraton Da Nang, Mitsubishi Electric brings Electrical Monitoring Devices to help control energy costs, maximize inverter performance and give quick alerts when power quality matters. Mitsubishi Electric's electrical safety solution to protect the electrical system at the data center is always operating and closely monitored. 

Accuracy of up to 99.9%, allowing users to accurately measure electrical parameters, even to level 31 harmonics, for early warning in case of dangerous situations

10-year, maintenance-free design, load capacity up to 150%

Maximize the reliability and stability of the electrical system.

The power meter is equipped with a high-precision LCD monitor with a variety of communication options as well as on / off flexibility.

“The importance of saving energy is not just at hotel level, but globally. We need to help the planet. We have an international program call 360, whereby we try to save the energy, and help the community to save energy all over the places. We use Mitsubishi Electric's power control, distribution and monitoring system to control the chiller pump system for the central air conditioner. As you can see, although the hotel has a lot of natural light, we also need Air Conditioner and its power supply to work properly. Therefore, we choose a solution to monitor and save electricity so that the machines do not over work  and do not increase global warming ” - Mr. Stefano Maccagno - CEO of Four Points Hotel by Sheraton Da Nang was pleased when evaluating the effectiveness of the energy-saving solutions provided by Mitsubishi Electric.

Mr. Stefano Maccagno - CEO of Four Points Hotel by Sheraton Danang

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