[Technician Support] EP 1 - How To Clean The Packaged Air - Conditioner

[Technician Support] EP 1 - How To Clean The Packaged Air - Conditioner

Product cleaning is an important step in extending the equipment lifecycle and enhancing customer experience.

Please check the video below for the detailed cleaning steps for large capacity indoor units - Model Mr. Slim

The technician must always prepare all equipment and tools before starting, including covering up the floor, shelves, and all objects under the air conditioner to prevent dust and any contamination.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner, Split type Large capacity, Inverter Model in the ceiling concealed type, Mr. Slim, PEY duct type is compact and can be installed in limited and narrow spaces. Therefore, maintenance and removal must be done carefully, and safely in accordance with the working standards.

To remove the unit for cleaning, first, the air conditioner is opened to check and record the inlet and discharge air accordingly to the check sheet by using a thermometer. 

Then the unit and its breaker shall be turned off. 

Always make sure that there is no power in the system to ensure the operation's safety.

After installation, the PEY series can be cleaned and serviced only from below

1. Remove the screw below the unit

2. Remove the screw below the unit.

3. Remove a cover underneath the fan motor.

4. Remove the motor propeller cover

5. Remove the motor connector from P.C. Board, before taking off the motor unit.

6. Remove the propeller top cover and drain tray cover.

7. Remove the drain hose, and make sure water is drained then the drain tray.

8. Set up a cover sheet by hanging completely around the unit to prevent water from splashing out.

9. Clean the fin coil by water spraying with suitable pressure.  Always spray from the back to the front. Clear out any dirt in the drainpipe. Then use an air blower to dry out the fin coil. 

Wipe and clean all unit interior and exterior while being careful not to damage the fin coils in and after the process.

10. Wash the motor unit by wrapping the motor in plastic to prevent water from going in. Then use a 4mm hex wrench to remove the screw. Take out the propeller fan, Air blows it, and wipe and dry with a cloth before reassembling the motor unit.

Note: Record the post-operation of the air conditioner completely and accordingly check the sheet before delivering the unit to the customer

Mr. Slim Technician can download technical information on the website or contact the service center for more information.

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