• iconThe cost of packaging labor in factories is continuously increasing
  • iconIt is difficult to increase productivity in a fixed space
  • iconProduct quality is not stable and depends heavily on workers
  • iconThere are problems in managing a large number of packaging workers as well as increasingly strict state regulations on the use of seasonal workers
  • iconThere is a shortage of unskilled labor in packaging, disrupting the supply chain


  • iconThe Mitsubishi Electric Robot can :automatically picks up products and puts them in a box quickly and neatly.
  • iconMitsubishi Electric robots are specifically designed for applications requiring high speed and accuracy. Be able to operate in harsh environments and meet the food and clean room standards. Therefore, they are the preferred choice for packaging applications.
  • iconThe Mitsubishi Electric Robot packaging solution is being used by the world's leading manufacturers.

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System configuration

System configuration


- The finished product is moved on a conveyor system to predefined positions using the high-precision servos MR-J4 of Mitsubishi Electric.

The Mitsubishi Electric robotic arms will automatically reach to the product location, pick up the products and put them in a box precisely.

The robot can pick up heavy objects or multiple items at a time, giving outstanding productivity.

When it is necessary to change packing specifications, the operator only needs to select the corresponding pre-programmed function on the multifunction display HMI - GOT2000 of Mitsubishi Electric.

PLC platform: IQ-R enables easy system integration and expansion.


  • iconIncrease packaging productivity in comparison to traditional methods
  • iconEnsure high-quality, stable, and continuous product packaging
  • iconReduce packaging labor costs
  • iconCost saving as robot operation is more economic and easier to manage

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