Tips to reduce your air conditioning bill this summer

Tips to reduce your air conditioning bill this summer

In summers, people don’t only sweat because of scorching heat but additionally due to rising electricity consumption caused by air conditioners. The biological process can't be placed on the reverse track, and speedy urbanization is quite a requirement than the compulsion to accommodate over six billion people. These structural changes in human habitation have additionally brought drastic changes in societies and also the lifestyle of the individuals. Now, even in rural areas of the country, several households are shifting from air conditioning fans to air conditioners, and in cities, ACs aren't a luxury, but a genuine need. Of course, some prices square measure invariably related to comfort, and ACs aren't any exception. Of course, some costs are always associated with comfort and ACs are no exception.

Advanced means Effective

A household cannot control the energy pricing, but a household can make smart initiatives to control the monthly electricity bill, especially in the summer season. The power consumption of today’s air conditioners is around 30-40% of the total consumption of electricity. Besides, any reduction in the amount of energy consumed in smaller units can eventually add up and produce visible changes in the environment. Using air conditioners that consume less electricity is one such step towards a greener future. For example, Mitsubishi Electric offers advanced technologies for air conditioners such as inverter power modules, high-efficiency compressors,s, and Dual Barrier Coating, which effectively reduce the electricity bill burden for consumers.

Today’s ACs are friendly to the environment as well as people’s pockets and the right decision in choosing the right AC can keep the customer happy years after years. Below are a few easy tips that will help you stay cool and calm throughout the summer.

Tonnage and star rating

First of all, the selection of the AC should be based on room capacity. 1.5 hp is sufficient for 15-20m2, and 2hp for 20-30m2 (under test conditions) Hence, the tonnage should be in accordance with the capacity of a room. Mitsubishi Electric room air conditioner products have a good capacity range from 1hp to 3hp for providing the best suitable capacity to different room sizes. The next important thing to consider is the rating of an AC.

These days, our markets have seen a surge in products that are labeled with “Energy Star” rating systems. The better the rating, the more energy-efficient will be the AC. Buying AC and other home appliances with the highest star rating is in the best interest of the consumer and the environment. Not only do they consume less electricity, but higher energy efficiency means – a step towards a greener tomorrow. So, instead of using a 3-star labeled AC, go for the 5 stars -rated machine and curtail your monthly electricity bill. 

Proper insulation of the room

Apart from room capacity, ambient temperature and length of the pipe installed are also detrimental factors in the consumption of energy. Both ambient temperature and piping length are inversely proportional to power consumption. That’s why the insulation of the building is the best remedy to deal with high ambient temperature. Not only is a well-insulated building more comfortable and cost-efficient to maintain, but it is much quieter too. Common beliefs about insulations say that they make your house comfortable in all seasons and reduce your energy bills. While all this is true, but the aspect where insulation control outside noise and help you in creating a peaceful environment is often overlooked. So, insulation is beneficial in multiple ways. You must ensure that all your doors and windows have special attachments that prevent any air leakages. As a lot of energy losses around ducts, so be quick to have them fitted well.

Embrace Inverter technology

Apart from power saving, the other distinguishing feature of inverter ACs is their better performance for comfort cooling, hence, they perform more efficiently in the Vietnam subcontinent. Inverter air conditioners have variable-speed drive fans that synchronize perfectly with the compressor’s speed. So, after reaching set temperature they slow down automatically with maintaining set temperature and help to save the electricity bill.

Keep your AC at 24oC

Setting the AC temperature at 24-25-degree Celsius as against the conventional 20-21 Degree results in around 25 percent of average energy saving. Basically, more electricity will be required to maintain the desired temperature.

Basically, there are four major factors -- room temperature, outdoor temperature, desired temperature from the AC, and thermal insulation of the particular room that determine the electricity load in ACs. Hence, if there is a big difference between the desired temperature and the outdoor temperature, then the compressor will work for a longer duration, i.e., electricity consumption will also be more.

Preventive Maintenance

Last but not least, preventive maintenance is a trustworthy remedy to ensure the smooth functioning of the machine. For the existing installed equipment, timely preventive maintenance by an experienced professional is a highly recommended exercise that a household should follow at least twice a year. Besides, cleaning of the filter, which doesn’t require the need of an engineer should be done regularly at an interval of 7 to 15 days. Without doing preventive maintenance for more than six months leads to an increase in the electricity bill by 25 percent.