MECA 2021: Giving Opportunities To The Develop Young Automation Industry Generation

MECA 2021: Giving Opportunities To The Develop Young Automation Industry Generation



On May 14th, the final round of MECA 2021 was successfully held at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education. The final round had the participation of the sponsor representative of the Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam, the teachers, 18 excellent teams, and all the fans from 6 universities in the southern region, including Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Can Tho University, Tra Vinh University, Ton Duc Thang University, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, Hutech University. With the scale expanded, the topics participating in the contest were diverse and there were many creative improvements.

Representatives take photos at the MECA 2021

MECA (Mitsubishi Electric Cup Automation) is an annual competition held in many member countries of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for students of automation and electrical-electronic engineering. The competition aims to help students access modern automation equipment and technologies, and at the same time apply their acquired knowledge into practice, teamwork skills, and ability creativity, thereby contributing to a young generation of capable engineers for sustainable development.

 The contest is not only a playground for engineering students but also an event to inspire and nurture young talents in industrial automation.

Due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, MECA 2021 had to be rescheduled to this year, but the contest was still completed as planned, thanks to the efforts of both teachers, students, and the organizers. With the theme "Factory Automation Smart Solution", the MECA Final 2021 brought a dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Overcoming 17 teams from 6 universities, the CT SPKT team (HCMC University of Technology and Education) got the highest prize in MECA 2021.

The champion CT SPKT convinced the judges with the topic: Control and Monitoring of classification of the test tube via Webserver to classify test tubes accurately, quickly accessing and optimizing performance to the storage place.

The product uses a camera to scan codes and classify and manage patient sample information to the right storage place, reducing the workload for medical staff. Especially with patient samples that can be infectious or come in large numbers every day, especially in the new normal. This is a highly applicable solution and is studied by students.

Two-second prizes belonged to the Beatrix and Phoenix teams of the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City with the topics "Automatic bagging machine" and "Smart warehouse model combining Mitsubishi PLC controller and technology" respectively. computer vision”.

Team Beatrix of Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

Team Phoenix, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City

And 3 third prizes were awarded to 3 teams:

  • DLP team of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education with the topic "Building and controlling CNC machines using G-CODE in SSCNET, distinguishing how to process products with barcodes".
  • MATT team of Ton Duc Thang University with the topic "Smart Warehouse".
  • Team A1 Automation of the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology with the topic "Application of CC-LINK and GOT MOBILE networks for automatic control for smart greenhouses".

Besides the main prizes, the contest organizers awarded 4 additional prizes, including: "Smart Application" (Can Tho University), "Environmental protection" (Tra Vinh University), "Impressive design" (Can Tho University), and “Excellent Performance” (Ton Duc Thang University) to encourage the comprehensive skill development of students.

Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam always creates maximum conditions to support students in the process of realizing their ideas. All teams participating in the competition have access to and use advanced programming and operating equipment such as programmable controllers, industrial cameras with high image recognition, and management and operation software GENESIS64 (equipped with 3D graphics, visually displaying the operating status of the device in real-time).

Mitsubishi Electric VN's automation products

Dr. Tran Nam Tu - Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology, and Environment, Ministry of Education and Training said: “I appreciate and thank Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam has had policies and activities to support education in universities over the years. The success of MECA will bring many positive effects to students. This year's season is expanded to 6 schools in the southern region. This is good news for students in particular and for the automation industry in general. Students will have an earlier start on their learning and research journey, supporting the future. I hope Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam continues to support the MECA competition and expand to all VietNam.”

Realize students' creative thinking, towards a sustainable future

Automation is one of the prominent training majors in universities today. Many young people choose this profession associated with their future development. They are well-trained, have professional knowledge, and have innovative and creative thinking. However, in the learning process, students have not had many opportunities to implement ideas into practical products.

Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam hopes that through the contest, engineering students will not only access automation technologies and e-F@ctory concepts but also be able to think beyond academic knowledge. learned to solve practical problems.

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