Mitsubishi Electric's solutions at Viet Nam Industrial & Manufacturing 2022 (VIMF) in Da Nang

Mitsubishi Electric's solutions at Viet Nam Industrial & Manufacturing 2022 (VIMF) in Da Nang

On September 15-17th, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam attended the Viet Nam Industrial & Manufacturing Exhibition 2022 (VIMF) - one of the major exhibitions for the manufacturing and supporting industries taking place in Danang. Here, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam brings its state-of-the-art technology Wire–cut & Sinker EDM. 

Mitsubishi Electric Viet Nam at the exhibition 

There were more than 200 enterprises from all over Viet Nam attending the exhibition. This is an opportunity for businesses providing equipment solutions and manufacturers in the Central region to connect, exchange and cooperate to contribute and develop supporting industries in the Central region. Together develop with the North & the South to bring Vietnam's supporting industry to a new level, meeting the global standards for domestic and foreign partners. 

The lion dance welcomed each booth at the exhibition 

Attending the exhibition in Da Nang this time, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam brought the MV1200R wire-cut EDM machine with D-CUBES(1) control system and Maisart®(2) AI technology integration. 

Model MV1200R new generation 

With a long history of quality that has been proven in the market, Mitsubishi Electric always puts customers the priority, providing the best customer experience through product innovations. At the VIMF Da Nang exhibition, we introduced the MV1200R wire-cut EDM machine processing solution with breakthrough improvements in the control system, making the operation and programming on the machine no longer too complicated.   

Automatic threading system of MV1200R 

Mitsubishi Electric’s wire-cut EDM is a synchronous combination of mechanical parts, electrical parts, and control systems. All are manufactured, engineered, and installed by Mitsubishi Electric. As a result, the machine is always operated accurately, stably, and uniformly, giving customers absolute peace of mind about quality. 

High-precision product mold made from Mitsubishi Electric’s wire-cut EDM  

Mitsubishi Electric's M80 control system is user-friendly and easy to operate 

The balance between the 3 criteria: QUALITY - COST - PERFORMANCE has been integrated with Massart AI technology in the operating system of the machine, helping to optimize production and operating costs, bringing the highest efficiency to customers.   

(1) D-CUBES: Connect, Universal, Brain, Evolution, Smooth   

(2) Maisart®: Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the- ART in technology   

History of formation and development of the MV series  

Learn more about our wire-cut & sinker EDM here 

Besides the Wire-cut EDM, at the exhibition, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam also introduced more Factory Automation solutions. Specifically, 

Mitsubishi Electric's latest iQ-R PLC series - a product with outstanding redundancy, DCS features, and cost-effectiveness.  

Connecting to the PLC system is the HMI GOT2000 display, which boasts advanced functionality, acting as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation equipment, while increasing productivity and efficiency. 


The latest inverter E800 series are designed to save energy, reduce carbon footprint and minimize costs with advancements in quality, performance, and maintainability. At the same time, E800 is equipped with connectivity, monitoring, and control features via smartphone, making it easy for users to install, operate, as well as check for errors without having to operate physically to the inverter.  

Factory management software GENESIS64 

The outstanding IoT-integrated GENESIS64 software captures data, providing visualization, mobility, analytics, and real-time connectivity of business operations. The software helps customers manage production and buildings efficiently and intelligently. 

With the goal of bringing the best benefits to customers through sustainable business activities and contributions to the social community, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam has been and continues to make efforts in improving and enhancing customer experience.  We believe that, through modern and green technologies, we will help build a better society in the spirit of "Changes for the Better". 

Let's look back and join us at the Vietnam Industry and Manufacturing (VIMF) Da Nang 2022