Mitsubishi Electric Technology Solutions At MTA Hanoi 2022

Mitsubishi Electric Technology Solutions At MTA Hanoi 2022

Following the success of exhibitions in the South and Central regions, Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam continues to bring its technology solutions to MTA Hanoi on October 12th-14th, 2022.

MTA Hanoi 2022 is The 8th international exhibition and conference on machine tools, precision mechanics, and metalworking, aiming to strengthen and develop the industry in Vietnam. This is the annual event that Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam attends.

Booth D2-01 of Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam at the exhibition

Representative of the MTA Hanoi 2022 organizing committee, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dung – speaking at the opening ceremony: “Since MTA Hanoi 2019, we have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the mechanical engineering industry. We hope that, with the return of the MTA today, it will contribute to the beginning of a golden era of industrial growth in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular."

2022 is the year of economic recovery after the pandemic, so the peace of mind about product quality to bring high efficiency in the production process at enterprises and manufacturing plants will always be a priority feature in machine technology selection. Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam once again affirms its technology at the exhibition through Wire-Cut EDM MV1200S, Sinker EDM SG12, Cobot MELFA ASSISTA, and CNC M800/M80 Series.

Model Wire – cut EDM MV1200S

Model Sinker EDM SG12

Mitsubishi Electric’s EDM pioneers intelligent machining solutions that integrate AI technology in programming and operation, meeting the three leading criteria of all businesses, including QUALITY - COST - PERFORMANCE.

QUALITY: The machine is the perfect synchronization between the mechanical part, the electrical part, and the control system. All are manufactured and installed by Mitsubishi Electric, helping to bring a product with high accuracy, stability, and consistency.

COST: Stable, durable operation combined with a non-contact Tubular actuator helps businesses optimize power and wire consumption, thereby reducing TCO, and providing effectiveness in the long term.

PERFORMANCE: The machine has a high cutting speed, meeting customer requirements.


With the powerful assistant of Mitsubishi Electric Collaborative Robot - MELFA ASSISTA, combined with the intelligent industrial Vision Sensor - MELSENSOR, product quality control becomes SIMPLE, EASY, and FLEXIBLE. In order to simplify the operation process, Cobot MELFA ASSISTA is integrated with operating buttons on the Robot arm, providing the ability to control ASSISTA without the Teaching pendant to control and get position data. In addition, MELFA ASSISTA owns the latest generation programming software with a friendly and intelligent interface. This provides convenience for the operator.

CNC M800/M80 Series

Mitsubishi Electric's new generation M800/M80 Series CNC controller is integrated with preeminent features in CNC machining programming and operation. Products make machining faster, smoother, and higher accuracy, thereby reducing product life cycle costs. At the same time, the touch screen supports the operation gets simple and intuitive. Therefore, the M800/M80 CNC controller is trusted by the world's major CNC machine manufacturers to cooperate to replace the current operating systems.

Attending the exhibition is an opportunity to help us introduce and bring technology solutions closer to customers, as well as better understand the actual needs in the manufacturing industry, factory automation. From there, we will optimize the solution to bring the best efficiency for you. Mitsubishi Electric Vietnam is proud to be your reliable partner.

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