Tu Lanh 5 Cua

Modern design & Highly advanced performance

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a line-up of world-class refrigerators that combine modern design and highly advanced performance.

It is the first time we launch the 5-Doors Inverter refrigerator which has unique functions such as "Soft Freezing" or intelligent control "Neuro Fussy" to bring the most convinience to end users and optimize the energy saving.

Some models are equipped with the world's first LED-based "Vitamin Factory through Photosynthesis" technology.

Our continually evolving products make the most of the latest developments in food science and technology.

Super Cool Icon


An innovative freezing function which utilizes "super cooling phenomenon".

Cool down the food slowly, then quickly freeze it at a point, which is totally different from the conventional freezing method.

This system minimizes the cell destruction of the food and maintain its taste and texture.

Instant freezing makes it possible to form minute particle crystals, then now we can keep the taste of potato or bamboo shoot in the freezer which are normally said not suitable to be kept in the freezer.

So Sanh Lien Ket Te Bao

You can put even hot food items without cooling down.

The highest food temperature is 80degree. (For cooked rice, around 75degree.)

Su Dung Supercool De Dong Lanh Thuc Pham Nong

Soft Freezing Icon

So Sanh Cong Nghe Soft Freezing


Stored at -7ºC, you can cut the frozen food quickly. No need of troublesome thowing before cooking, and no need of dividing into small portions before freezing. "Soft Freezing" is very useful function to cook quickly.

Cat Tach Muc

Inverter Icon

 Saving energy Inverter technology

The premium Refrigerators of Mitsubishi Electric equipped Inverter technology which help utilize the energy using, smoothly operating and less money spending.


Eco Mode

Saving Energy Eco Mode

Performs the power-saving operation automatically when the temperature inside the refrigerator is stable.

Visualize energy saving level with the number of leaves. It promotes user to learn more energy efficient usage.

Neuro Fussy Icon

Intelligent Control “Neuro Fussy”

Automatically controls operation of refrigerator according to the lifestyle of each family

He Thong Chieu Sang LED & Khay Kinh Chiu Luc

LED light system & Tempered Glass Shelves

LED light system saves energy & shines luxury interior. The tempered glass shelves can adjust the height of items inside, and good with luxury interior. With chilled case & slide case, user can store small items neatly. 


Vitamin Factory

LED sunlight found only in Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator “Vitamin Factory” acts on chlorophyll (the green substance in leaves) in vegetables. It stimulates the food manufacturing process (photosynthesis) which are source for producing various nutritional substances in vegetables such as vitamin C and polyphenol.


Surround Multi Air Flow

The Surround Multi Air-Flow System distributes uniform cooling air - which includes Minus-Ion to hinder the growth of bacteria and increase moisture - to all shelves, even hard-to-cool places such as filled door pockets, keeping food fresh longer.


Auto Ice Maker

It can make pure crystal ice cubes through the Auto Ice Maker function. In addition, the ice tray is easy to wash and frost free.

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3-Doors top freezer
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3-Doors Bottom Freezer
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5-Doors Inverter